Listcrawler & Alternative Sites [2024]

If you’ve reached a point of desperation and are considering giving up on escort sites altogether, pause for a moment and continue reading this article! We’re convinced that there may be unexplored possibilities and untapped potential right in front of you that you haven’t fully explored or tried yet, like the Listcrawler website.

We, as dating and escort experts, are here to give you all the escort and sex dating-related advice you need. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Listcrawler, one of our favorites! But if you’re looking to get some action quicker and want to skip the reading, I’ve listed my top 3 alternative escort sites below. Check them out!

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List Crawler Review

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When it comes to the most popular escort site around, ListCrawler more than likely takes the cake. And I’m sure many “list crawlers” (people who are always on this site) agree with me. Apart from providing convenience, one click brings you to hundreds of options—something you’d ideally want if you’re actively searching for escorts, right?

However, escort-hunting newbies may find ListCrawLer to be a bit overwhelming, as this website holds hundreds of pages of escorts. Unless you have a ton of time at your disposal, you should steer clear of this if you’re impatient and are looking for sex ASAP.

But back to the review, once you type in the site address, you are connected to a page that asks if you are 21. years old or older. That’s a good start, I believe, as it means they’re filtering the content for the minors. Right off the bat, you’ll find categories that cater to different niches. You have your trans, mature, car fun, independents, Latinas–the list goes on.

If you type your location, you will be presented with a literal vertical list of all possible escorts you can meet from the area. Their profile includes their city, age, weight, height, racial background, and other details.

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  • ListCrawler has the largest database of escorts in North America
  • Provides escorts from up to 15 different lists
  • You can find a “Max $80” search option


  • It can be too overwhelming for new users that aren’t used to this website
  • Filled with fake ads and other scams online
  • The site needs a user interface and design overhaul

Will I Bust a Nut and Not Get Scammed on

If you want to bang escorts and expect to bust a nut, we can answer that with a YES and a NO. Let’s start with the YES first. We completely agree that, yes, you can fuck escorts here. As earlier mentioned, you can easily click a profile, view their pics, send them a message, and then plan your fuck date.

However, you have to be very careful and discreet when talking to escorts from this site to avoid getting scammed. Do not share your personal information, such as your bank or credit card info, as scammers may compromise your identity and sensitive data.

But once you sift through the questionable profiles and connect with the authentic and legit girls on ListCrawler, you’re in for a good time!

Is ListCrawler Legit?

Without a doubt, ListCrawLer is 100% legit. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit this site, just as you would when using Escort Alligator to search for escort girls. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s important to be cautious and mindful of potential scammers and fake profiles.

You must review the escorts’ profiles thoroughly to check the validity of their claims and their services. For context, if you don’t see any reviews on their profile and the pics look fishy, chances are the profile isn’t real. So in these scenarios, it’s always best to stick with your gut and not trust everything you see right away.

More List Crawler Alternative Sites?

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Of course! If you think ListCrawler isn’t your jam, there are other alternative sites that you can check. The options we have listed here ensure that you can chat with a girl you’re interested in and get her into the sack in no time. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Porn Inquirer’s Best Escort Sites

Every site we’ve listed here is as great or even better than ListCrawler or an escort agency you’ve seen online. Even if you come across ads while browsing a website, don’t be quick to be discouraged, as they can still offer good options.


When it comes to connecting with a call girl for escort services, Tryst.Link is your best bet! It has a simplified UI that’s easy on the eyes when it comes to checking out the site for quality escort ladies. Check the reviews and find out if the women here meet your standards.

The Erotic Review

There are so many benefits to hiring an escort. If you’re lazy and don’t want to go out of your way to hire an escort girl for their services, The Erotic Review is the perfect guide to help you find your dream escort—whether they’re black, white, Latina, or Asian.


If you’re a guy who wants a fast transaction and is ready for a night of non-stop pounding, Slixa is the site to visit. You won’t be missing Listcrawler or Escort Alligator as the site offers the same (even better) features when it comes to getting the job done.

Adult Search

If you’re a guy with varied taste preferences when it comes to booking call girls, then perhaps it’s time you meet Adult Search. This trusty site is better than any Backpage alternative and has all the connections to every kind of hooker there is out there. You can check the comments on their profile too to see if they’re truly legit.


Like many people, searching for a pro to give you a proper hand or blow job discreetly is challenging—especially if you’re doing your best to keep things hushed when hiring someone. The good thing here is that P411 offers more security and discretion than any other site online. We think it can fare well even when pitted against top picks, like Seattle escort sites or Virginia Beach escort sites.

Eros is a perfect site if you’re trying to stay away from ListCrawler or Escort Alligator, as this site has all the bells and whistles that you commonly expect from a booking site for hookers. You can get a list of hot girls here.


You must try things at least once in your life, otherwise, you’re missing out on a whole lot. And that’s the promise that AdultLook can give you for real! We suggest checking it out for yourself.


ECCIE is a List Crawler substitute that doesn’t give you the bull shit that most free sex apps give and gets your sexual needs addressed right away. You’ll be amazed at what you can find here!

Skip The Games

SkipTheGames cuts through all the fat and gives you a full and uncomplicated experience when booking a hooker for your pleasure—even better than sugar daddy apps, if we may add. Try it out today and see the difference!


As a massage parlor review site, RubMaps gives you an honest assessment of the sexual massage therapists and hookers you can book through the site. It also connects you to massage parlors offering happy endings on their menu.

My Thoughts on Listcrawler

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All in all, I would say that Listcrawler is a site that you should not pass up. While it may have some quirks, we don’t expect a 100% performance in every site that we see, anyway. What we’re after is the quality of girls and the ease of use for every type of hooker you book.

The site offers a sizable list of hookers on the platform. Don’t feel discouraged to check them out, as we’re sure you’ll find someone who will meet your needs and who delivers more than just the pics they post online.

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