Seeking Arrangement Review & Guide

Are you ready to explore sugar daddy relationships? Look no further than Seeking Arrangement, one of the top sugar daddy sites where you can find happiness in various kinds of arrangements, from relationships to casual hook-ups and everything in between. Whether you’re an experienced user or new to the site, this comprehensive review has got you covered. We’ll dive into all the essential details, including how the site works, user reviews, pricing information, frequently asked questions, and more. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of what Seeking Arrangement offers and be well-equipped to make the most of your sugar dating journey.

Seeking Arrangement is one of many sugar daddy sites that people can use to find their happiness in relationships, hook-ups, or whatever other kinds of situations they desire. Whether this site is new to you or not, once you’re done reading, you should have no questions. This is a comprehensive Seeking Arrangement review, including how the site works, reviews, cost details, FAQs, and other information.

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What Is Seeking Arrangement?

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Seeking Arrangement is not one of your average luxury dating sites. It’s a unique platform that has been connecting people with unconventional tastes since 2006. In a world where eccentricities are celebrated, Seeking Arrangement provides a dedicated space for those seeking sugary relationships.

If you’re interested in joining, keep in mind that the website’s URL has been updated to, but the familiar aesthetic, logo, and name remain unchanged. This site caters to individuals looking for successful and attractive singles, offering a chance to explore these special connections.

In case these terms are new to you, let’s break it down. Sugar daddies and sugar mommas are typically successful individuals with substantial wealth. However, it’s important to note that not every wealthy person falls into this category. These generous individuals seek to provide financial satisfaction to younger attractive members, known as sugar babies. In return, sugar babies offer their time, companionship, and sometimes a little extra sweetness. Yes, we’re talking about sex for those who may be uncertain.

So, if you’re curious about exploring the exciting world of sugar relationships, Seeking Arrangement is here to help you make those connections. Get ready to embark on an elite dating journey filled with companionship, generosity, and a little sugar on the side.

How Does Work?

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One notable feature of Seeking Arrangement is its balanced gender distribution among the approximately 10 million active users. With 52% male and 48% female members, the platform offers a diverse and inclusive community for all.

As mentioned earlier, Seeking Arrangement categorizes its members into two roles: sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies. These titles are used by the site to facilitate connections between individuals seeking mutually beneficial relationships.

Unlike traditional dating sites, Seeking Arrangement focuses on facilitating in-person meetings rather than extensive online interactions. Safety is a top priority, and the platform incorporates an opt-in background check system. Members who pass the check receive a badge that signifies their legitimacy. Failure to pass the background check results in the inability to continue using the site’s services.

To further enhance your legitimacy on the platform, you have the option to link your Seeking Arrangement account to other social accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

Finding potential matches is made easy through a comprehensive algorithm that considers your preferences and location. While the platform encourages face-to-face interaction, you can use the direct messaging feature to communicate with other members and get to know them better.

Seeking Arrangement offers a unique space where individuals can connect, explore meaningful relationships, and endure exciting new experiences together.

My Seeking Arrangement Review

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Let me share my personal experience as a member of Seeking Arrangement. Before we jump in, I want to be open about my interest in playing the role of a sugar daddy to a young and attractive woman. I had desired to be a sugar daddy for a while; however, I struggled to find someone who truly intrigued me.

That’s when I discovered Seeking Arrangement, realizing that many aspects of life are more convenient when done online. Dating sites have revolutionized the way we meet people, and I believed the same principle could be applied to this unique aspect of relationships.

Now, let’s talk about the site itself. The first thing that caught my attention was the impressive list of reputable news sources that have endorsed Seeking Arrangement. Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times have all recognized the platform’s credibility and impact.

The well-designed and elegant aesthetic of the website further affirmed its professionalism. The homepage provided me with all the essential information I needed to know. One thing that brought a smile to my face was the four-to-one ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies. It indicated that I would have a wide range of choices.

Moreover, Seeking Arrangement emphasized the concept of pampering, experience, mentorship, and the potential for an ideal relationship. Intrigued by these possibilities, I decided to sign up.

The registration process was straightforward, requiring basic information such as gender, desired role, gender interests, email address, and a chosen password. Alternatively, I had the option to sign up using my Facebook account, bypassing the need to fill in certain details.

Once signed up, I began the search and location process. What I loved about Seeking Arrangement was the ability to customize my search based on physical features, drinking habits, and other preferences. In no time, I came across several potential matches that captured my interest.

I had conversations with about three girls before finally finding the right connection. I genuinely believe that I made a perfect choice, and now, this girl and I are inseparable, enjoying the journey of our sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship.

How to Setup Your Profile

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Setting up your Seeking Arrangement profile is super easy. When you visit the website’s homepage, you’ll spot a noticeable red “Join Now” button that you can click whenever you’re ready to get started.

Once you click that button, a sign-up form will appear, asking for a few basic details to get you set up. First, you’ll select your gender. Then, you’ll indicate the gender of the person you’re interested in meeting. You even have the option to choose both if that suits your preferences.

In the next section, you’ll choose whether you’re looking to meet an attractive or successful individual. This is the site’s way of determining if you fit the sugar baby or sugar momma/daddy category.

From there, you can choose to sign in using your Facebook account or manually provide your email address, birth date, and desired password. Once you’ve completed these steps, your Seeking Arrangement account will be activated and ready to go. It’s as simple as that!

Is there a Seeking Arrangement App?

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Seeking Arrangement understands the need for flexibility and convenience, especially when it comes to using a dating platform on your mobile device. While iOS users might not have a dedicated app, don’t worry! The Seeking Arrangement website is optimized for mobile browsers, giving you a smooth and user-friendly experience right on your smartphone.

But here’s some great news for Android users! Seeking Arrangement has a fantastic mobile app available for download from the Google Play Store. With the app in hand, you can easily navigate the platform, explore profiles, and connect with potential matches in a convenient and enjoyable way.

So whether you prefer using the mobile-optimized website or the dedicated app, Seeking Arrangement ensures that you have options to access their services wherever you go.

Real Seeking Arrangement Reviews from Members

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Curious about the experiences of real users on Seeking Arrangement? Look no further! Here are a few reviews from members who have firsthand experience with the platform:

– “I’ve spent over 35 years building my successful career, and while I may not be the most attractive person out there, I believe that everyone deserves companionship. That’s why I joined Seeking Arrangement. It’s been a game-changer for me. I get to share my financial resources with someone special, and in return, they bring happiness and companionship into my life. Thanks to Seeking Arrangement, I found a beautiful young woman who now sleeps next to me, making my life even more fulfilling.

– “As a man, I’ve always had a unique preference for cougars who can take care of me. It may seem unconventional to some, but I find it both exciting and convenient. Seeking Arrangement provided me with the perfect platform to connect with like-minded individuals, and thanks to it, I found a wonderful lady in her late 40s who ensures that I’m well taken care of. Our connection goes beyond just financial support, and I’m grateful for the fulfilling experiences we share, both inside and outside the bedroom..”

– “With two amazing sugar daddies and a truly fulfilling arrangement, I can confidently say that Seeking Arrangement has exceeded my expectations. The platform has provided me with everything I could possibly want, all without any strings attached. I wholeheartedly give Seeking Arrangement a perfect 10 out of 10 rating for the incredible experiences it has brought into my life.”

How Much Does Seeking Arrangements cost?

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Seeking Arrangement offers a range of membership options to cater to different preferences. While you can enjoy an extensive and enjoyable experience on a free account, there are also premium and diamond memberships available.

With a premium membership, you gain access to features such as profile notes, the ability to hide your profile information, and profile highlights. For those seeking enhanced visibility and additional perks, the diamond membership offers all the benefits of premium membership and more.

When it comes to pricing, Seeking Arrangement offers various options to suit your needs. For detailed information on membership pricing, see below:

  – 30-day premium: $89.95 monthly

– 90-day premium: $239.85 every 90 days

– 30-day diamond: $249.95 monthly

Seeking Arrangement Payment Details

When it comes to making payments on Seeking Arrangement, you have multiple options to choose from. The site provides three convenient payment methods:

  1. Credit Card: You can securely make payments using your credit card, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction process.
  2. Mobile Phone: Seeking Arrangement also offers the option to make payments through your mobile phone, providing flexibility and convenience.
  3. PayPal: If you prefer using PayPal for online transactions, you’ll be glad to know that Seeking Arrangement supports this popular payment method as well.

You can have complete peace of mind when it comes to discretion and privacy on Seeking Arrangement. The site takes privacy seriously, and to ensure confidentiality, your transactions will be discreetly labeled as either 2BUYSAFE or W8TECH. This means that your financial information remains protected throughout the payment process.

Feel free to choose the payment method that suits you best and embark on your sugar dating journey on Seeking Arrangement with confidence, knowing that your privacy is safeguarded every step of the way. Enjoy the experience and focus on building meaningful connections without any worries.

Seeking Arrangement Security Details

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Ensuring the security and privacy of its members is a top priority for Seeking Arrangement. The site takes proactive measures to protect your interests and information in two key ways.

Like traditional dating apps, Seeking Arrangement utilizes an SSL certificate, which safeguards your data and prevents any potential leaks while you navigate the site. This means you can engage with confidence, knowing that your personal information is protected.

Additionally, Seeking Arrangement implements a thorough background check system to verify the authenticity of its members. This adds an extra layer of security and ensures a safer environment for everyone involved. Rest assured that your information will not be sold or traded by the site, as Seeking Arrangement respects your privacy.

By prioritizing data security and member verification, Seeking Arrangement demonstrates its commitment to creating a trustworthy and reliable platform for sugar dating.

FAQs for

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Starting out on a typical dating site can leave you feeling skeptical and questioning how things work. And when it comes to a niche platform like Seeking Arrangement, it’s natural to have even more curiosity and wonder about various aspects of the site.

But fret not! This section is here to address any lingering clouds of uncertainty in your mind. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and informed about all the important details of Seeking Arrangement. Consider us your friendly guide, ready to provide clear answers and valuable insights to help you navigate the exciting world of sugar dating with ease and confidence.

Who Owns Seeking Arrangement?

Brandon Wade, the visionary behind Seeking Arrangement, has been the proud owner of this exceptional platform since its inception in 2006.

Why Did the URL Change from to

The change was made with the intention of preserving the site’s positive reputation and ensuring that it remains a safe and reputable platform. By distancing itself from any associations with illegal activities like human trafficking and prostitution, Seeking Arrangement aims to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for all its members.

Is Seeking Arrangement Just Secret Prostitution?

Seeking Arrangement is not involved in or promoting prostitution. Instead, it serves as an online platform that facilitates a specific type of relationship arrangement that individuals choose to participate in. It provides a space for like-minded individuals to connect and explore mutually beneficial relationships on their own terms.

How to Contact Seeking Arrangement?

If you need to get in touch with the site, there are a couple of ways to do so. You can reach out to their support team through the dedicated support area on their webpage. Alternatively, you can send an email to Rest assured, their team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Can Seeking Arrangement be Free?

Absolutely! The default membership on Seeking Arrangement is free of charge. You can sign up and create an account without any cost. However, please keep in mind that there are additional features and perks available through premium memberships that may require a fee.

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe to Use?

Seeking Arrangement takes your safety and security seriously. The site implements multiple security measures to ensure a safe and protected environment for its users. With safeguards in place, you can use the platform with peace of mind, knowing that your information and interactions are secure. Seeking Arrangement strives to provide a trusted and reliable space for its members to connect and build meaningful relationships.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legal?

Seeking Arrangement operates within the boundaries of the law, ensuring that it is a legitimate and lawful dating site. It adheres to legal regulations and guidelines to provide a safe and trustworthy platform for its users. You can feel confident knowing that Seeking Arrangement is a legitimate and reputable operation, offering a space for individuals to explore mutually beneficial relationships within the bounds of the law.

Does Seeking Arrangement Verify a Member’s Income?

Income verification is an optional feature available for diamond members of Seeking Arrangement as part of their membership benefits. While it is not mandatory for all members, those who wish to undergo income verification can opt into this process. This provides an additional layer of trust and transparency for those seeking genuine and verified connections. Rest assured that Seeking Arrangement respects the privacy and preferences of its members and offers this verification option for those who choose to utilize it.

What Can Sugar Daddies Expect on Seeking Arrangement?

Sugar daddies are in for a delightful experience on Seeking Arrangement, with a wide range of options to choose from. The platform boasts a favorable four-to-one ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies, ensuring a pool of attractive and compatible individuals. This abundance of choice allows sugar daddies to explore various connections and find someone who perfectly aligns with their preferences and desires. Whether you’re seeking companionship, adventure, or meaningful relationships, the diverse selection of sugar babies on Seeking Arrangement ensures a smooth and rewarding experience for sugar daddies.

What Is the Average Allowance for a Sugar Baby on the Site?

On average, Seeking Arrangement sugar babies receive a monthly allowance of around $3,000. This financial support allows sugar babies to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and meet their personal needs. It’s important to note that the specific allowance amount can vary depending on individual arrangements and the preferences of both the sugar baby and sugar daddy.

Is Seeking Arrangement FREE for Sugar Babies?

Signing up as a sugar baby on the online dating site is absolutely free of charge. As a sugar baby, you can create an account on Seeking Arrangement without any financial obligations. This allows you to explore the platform, connect with potential sugar daddies, and experience the benefits of the sugar dating lifestyle at no cost. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those seeking financial support and companionship to join the site without any barriers. Take advantage of this free membership option and start your journey to finding a mutually beneficial arrangement on Seeking Arrangement.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legit?

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Seeking Arrangement is a reputable and legitimate platform that does not condone or facilitate illegal activities. The website has undergone changes to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards, which is reflected in its current URL. Data protection is taken seriously, and the site strictly enforces a policy requiring all members to be at least 18 years old, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe and responsible environment.

If you’re interested in exploring other sugar dating options, Secret Benefits and SugarDaddyForMe are worth considering. These platforms also prioritize safety, security, and authentic connections. With Seeking Arrangement’s longstanding reputation and commitment to operating within legal boundaries, it has gained the trust of its members and has successfully maintained its legitimacy over the past decade and a half.