The 10 Best Backpage Alternatives

Backpage, a popular classified ads website, has been shut down due to new laws prioritizing user protection and privacy. If you’re looking for the best Backpage alternatives, you’re in luck. There are numerous sites available to fulfill your needs.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Backpage alternative websites for 2023. If you’re in a hurry, below are the top 3 from our list.

10 Top Backpage Replacements [Verified]

Below are the 10 alternatives to Backpage right now.

Ashley Madison


Ashley Madisonknown as an adultery dating siteand one of the top cheating and affairs apps, has proven its effectiveness over its 15 years of operation. The user interface on one of the best sugar daddy apps is incredibly user-friendly, and communication options include calling, sending IMs, chatting, and messaging. If you navigate the site wisely, you may even find opportunities for body rubs.

While there are no automatic matching features, you have full control over your connections. However, there are no community-based features available. Overall, Ashley Madison stands as one of the best alternatives to Backpage.

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WellHello truly stands out among the other alternatives on this list due to its unique approach. With a diverse user base, the platform embraces a wide range of preferences and encourages users to openly express their fetishes and desires. Whether you’re seeking casual encounters, hookups, or exploring your fantasies, WellHello provides a space where you can connect with people on the same wavelength who share your interests. When it comes to finding a replacement for Backpage, WellHello comes out as an exceptional choice.

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The community on Fuckbook is incredibly friendly and inclusive, creating a positive experience for its active members. The platform’s visually pleasing design and impressive messenger feature enhance the overall user experience. With its efficient search algorithm, connecting with compatible people has never been made easier. It’s worth noting, though, that free account holders are unable to receive messages.

Ultimately, while a free account has its limitations, the platform’s appealing features and user-friendly interface make it a top choice among Backpage alternatives.

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Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder is undoubtedly one of the most recognized and established sites in the online dating and hookup scene. With its longstanding reputation, it needs no formal introduction. However, it’s worth noting that the site’s popularity and extensive user base have led to a substantial amount of advertisements throughout the platform, which can sometimes raise questions about its authenticity.

Despite the prevalence of ads on Adult Friend Finder, it remains a legitimate and trusted platform for those seeking adult connections and casual encounters. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance your online dating experience. While the ads may be an unavoidable aspect of the site, they do not pull away from the primary purpose of connecting people for adult fun and steamy hookups.

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BeNaughty is a popular platform that caters to individuals with various intentions, whether they seek companionship, love, or even casual sex. It offers a widespread community where similarly-minded people can connect and explore their desires together. However, one notable challenge on BeNaughty is the incomplete profile information provided by some users, which can make it more challenging to see if you are compatible or not.

Despite this limitation, BeNaughty remains a popular choice for those seeking fun and exciting flings. The platform offers a range of features to enhance your online dating experience, including advanced search options, messaging tools, and interactive communication features.

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InstaBang is a dedicated platform that prioritizes efficiency and speed when it comes to finding casual hookups. It stands out as an excellent site for those seeking immediate connections without the need for a ton of communication or any commitments. While InstaBang offers a great user experience, it’s worth noting that there tends to be a slightly higher male-to-female ratio on the platform. However, this imbalance is not overwhelmingly significant and does not hinder the overall experience.

What sets InstaBang apart is its streamlined approach to casual dating. The site enforces a straightforward process that allows users to quickly connect with compatible matches who are also seeking no-strings-attached encounters. Its definitely worth checking out.

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naughty date icon


NaughtyDate is a standout platform that offers users a high degree of customization and personalization options. It allows individuals to tailor their dating experiences according to their desired level of excitement and adventure. Whether you’re looking for a casual encounter or a more intense connection, NaughtyDate provides the tools and features to cater to your specific preferences.

What’s nice about NaughtyDate is its emphasis on individuality and the freedom to explore your desires. The platform allows users to create profiles that showcase their unique interests, kinks, and preferences.

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Uberhorny stands out as a premier platform for people seeking an easy and enjoyable hookup experience. With an extensive base of millions of users and a diverse range of adult services, Uberhorny provides an attractive environment where users can explore their desires without feeling pressured. The platform offers a range of exciting features, including a swipe game for finding potential matches, live stream viewing to connect with others in real-time, a photo gallery to browse sexy pics, and even premium cam shows.

One of the key attractions of Uberhorny is its ability to cater to a wide range of preferences and interests. Whether you’re looking for a casual encounter, exploring your fantasies, or seeking some adult entertainment, Uberhorny offers a comprehensive selection of features to enhance your experience.

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Bedpage, though not as widely recognized as Backpage, presents a comparable workflow that closely resembles the structure and functionality of its predecessor. This alternative provides a platform for users to post and browse classified ads from locations across the world, catering to individuals seeking intimate encounters and adult services. With a broad reach spanning different regions such as New Zealand, Latin America (Venezuela), Africa, Oceania (Australia, Guam), Iceland, Ireland, Bedpage offers a diverse selection of listings for those looking to explore their desires.

Whether you’re seeking companionship, casual encounters, or adult services, Bedpage allows you to explore a variety of options and engage with like-minded individuals.

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Plenty of Fish


Plenty of Fish, commonly known as POF, distinguishes itself by offering extensive features accessible to free members, surpassing many other dating sites in terms of functionality. While it has a ton of features, some users may find the design of the platform to be somewhat outdated, lacking the modern aesthetic found on other dating websites. Despite this, POF’s focus on providing a decent set of tools and features makes it a popular choice.

One thing that potential users should be aware of is that Plenty of Fish does not have the most reliable ID verification measures in place. While the site takes measures to ensure a safe environment for its members, the absence of a legit ID verification process can potentially raise concerns regarding the authenticity of user profiles.

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What Are Backpage Alternative Websites?

When we talk about Backpage alternatives websites, we’re referring to sites that serve a similar purpose in connecting people, but with a focus on fun hookups rather than traditional advertisements. These sites have a community of members who fill the role of advertisers on Backpage, but their intentions are purely personal.

The best part of these alternatives lies in their advanced filtering options. You can customize your search by location, gender, sexual preferences, ethnicity, and more, ensuring that you only connect with people who match your interests and desires. While some users may also explore other dating or hookup platforms as Backpage alternatives, options like SPDate or can be worth exploring.

By checking out Backpage alternatives, you can enjoy the excitement and ease of finding hookups, dates, and other types of casual encounters. Keep in mind that each site offers its own unique features and community, so take the time to explore and find the platform that best suits your preferences and needs.

The Benefits and Downsides of Using Personals Sites Similar to Backpage

Here are some of the pros and cons of using these personal sites:


  • Enjoy Fun Hookups: These Backpage alternatives allow you to continue experiencing the excitement of casual encounters and hookups.
  • Personalized Experience: Unlike Backpage, these sites prioritize your individual interests and preferences when it comes to selecting potential partners.
  • Moral Concerns Addressed: If you have concerns about the moral implications associated with Backpage, rest assured that the workflow and activities on these alternative sites do not align with the charges faced by Backpage.
  • Easy Search and Communication: These platforms make it easier to find and connect with like-minded individuals, thanks to user-friendly search tools and communication features.
  • Better Understanding of Others: Engaging in communication on these sites provides a more in-depth understanding of potential partners compared to the limited information available on Backpage listings.


  • Trust Issues: It can be challenging to trust the authenticity and intentions of people you encounter on these sites, as verifying identities may be limited.
  • Communication Challenges: Despite initial connections, conversations may die out quickly, leading to difficulties in maintaining ongoing interactions.

Why Did Backpage Personal Ads Shut Down?

Backpage was a classified ad site that allowed users to post listings in various categories, including adult services. However, starting in 2011, concerns popped up about Backpage’s role in facilitating sex trafficking, involving both minors and adults.

As a result, on April 6, 2018, the United States Department of Justice seized the site, and shortly after, the CEO pleaded guilty to charges related to prostitution facilitation and money laundering.

To understand the impact of Backpage’s shutdown, you can watch this video featuring members expressing their frustration about the site’s closure.

Why Use The Best Backpage Alternative Websites?

The most obvious reason for using Backpage alternatives is because the original platform no longer exists. Without them, there are limited options for satisfying your online sexual desires. We firmly believe that these alternative sites offer a more superior experience compared to personals backpage or even Craigslist personals, which many people considered to be reasonable alternatives to backpage sites.

Are These Backpage Replacements Free?

All the sites we have reviewed offer free access and navigation to their users. It’s important to note that while basic features are available for free, some advanced features may require a premium membership. While these sites share many common features, there are variations in the privileges granted to free users and the additional benefits provided to premium users.

Why Should I Use Backpage Alternatives?

It’s been more than a year since the closure of Backpage, and for many of us, it’s still a bitter reality to accept. While we acknowledge the reasons behind its shutdown, there’s no denying that Backpage Personals had a lot to offer.

Now that it’s in the past, it’s time for us to move on and focus on the future. While letting go may not be easy, it’s important for us to embrace new opportunities and seek out enjoyment.

Thanks to an active community on Backpage, you could easily connect with someone, make plans, meet up, hook up, and then go your separate ways. While the process may seem transactional, similar to what the original Backpage offered, it certainly served its purpose effectively.

While some may argue that a transactional approach is ideal for avoiding catching feelings, what if there was a middle ground? What if you could have an experience that was non-committal yet natural and genuine? If this resonates with you, then these Backpage alternative websites might just be the perfect fit.

Can Users Post Free Classified Advertisements?

When it comes to Backpage alternative websites, you have the freedom to post personal ads or free classified ads whenever you desire. These platforms also function as free classified sites, providing users with the opportunity to offer adult services or dating services.

Whether you’re a female escort or a male escort, these sites like Backpage offer a valuable platform for promoting your services through free advertising across multiple categories. Whether you choose a free classified site or explore options like Craigslist personals, you can easily navigate to the adult classified section and feature your personal ad for some free ads time.

The adult services section of these alternative websites includes a wide range of offerings such as strip clubs, masseuses offering sensual body rubs, and popular platforms for casual dating and encounters. Moreover, you have the opportunity to post ads, including free ads, in various categories, including the dating section and women’s section if you provide dating services.

This allows you to connect with potential customers and local offers while leveraging the benefits of posting classified ads. Additionally, you may consider using an ad poster or ad digest, similar to what you would find in real estate listings, to enhance your advertising efforts.

When choosing a service provider for posting classified advertisements, it is important to ensure that they allow you to include your contact details so potential customers can easily reach you. Additionally, it is crucial to select free classified ad services that are not associated with sex trafficking advertisements, as it is important to maintain a professional and ethical presence.

By selecting a reputable service provider, you can avoid any negative associations and minimize the risk of encountering issues that may result in the platform being shut down.

You may want to explore other websites that offer a more extensive range of escort or sexual services. Platforms such as ListCrawler and Skip the Games are excellent examples of websites that provide a wider variety of options in this regard.

Will I Get Scammed on These Backpage Alternative Sites?

Ensuring a safe and secure online experience is a top priority when it comes to hookup sites, as the prevalence of scams and fraudulent activities can be a concern. We understand the importance of finding genuine connections, which is why we have carefully selected and recommended only legitimate sites for you.

The sites we have listed have trustworthy security measures in place. Your personal information is protected, and there are no instances of data leaks or unauthorized sharing of your data on these platforms. We prioritize your privacy and strive to provide a trustworthy and secure environment, similar to what you would expect from a Backpage alternative site.

The Final Verdict

With the disappearance of Backpage Personals and Backpage classified ads, it’s time to explore alternative avenues to satisfy your desires. We have provided you with a comprehensive list of options, each with its own unique advantages. Among them, WellHello stands out as a top choice that closely resembles the Backpage experience.

WellHello offers a well-rounded and enjoyable experience that is hard to surpass. From engaging chats to an ads-free interface, appealing design to seamless navigation, and entertaining games to an overall fun platform, WellHello has it all. Even if you’re not solely seeking a hookup, this platform guarantees a great time.

If you’re new to Backpage and similar sites, and one or more of the websites we’ve mentioned have caught your curiosity, we highly recommend giving them a try. Sign up for one of these platforms and take your time to explore the features, connect with potential matches, and see if it meets your expectations. However, keep in mind that each site has its own unique community and vibe, so don’t hesitate to try different ones until you find the perfect fit for you.

The best part is that these platforms are essentially free to use, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, get started today and unlock the potential of these apps to enhance your social and dating life.

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