8 Best Escort Sites in Virginia Beach [2024 Updated]

Are you exhausted from trying to find escorts in Virginia Beach, only to be met with disappointment each time? Then it’s about time you listen to the experts.

We are your ticket to a good time, thanks to our carefully curated and regularly updated list of escort sites in Virginia Beach. We’ve done you a favor and relieved you of the burden of searching, as everything you need is conveniently available here. Keep reading to learn more!

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Average Price Range on a Virginia Beach Escort Site

The coastal city of Virginia Beach has so much to offer—and we’re not just referring to the beautiful beaches and ideal weather. You should definitely be on the lookout for Virginia Beach escorts, though may be wondering how much a rendezvous will cost you.

For starters, we have to determine what type of escort you are looking for. There are escorts in Virginia Beach who specialize in many things. But when it comes to charging, some escorts charge per minute, per hour, or per day.

According to sources like ListCrawler and Escort Babylon, you can expect to pay as low as $60 for a quickie. If you’re interested in more “premium” Virginia Beach escorts, they may cost you a solid $220 for an hour or $130 for half an hour.

If you’re looking to be entertained for an entire evening, you should be warned it will cost you an arm and a leg, or up to $1500 to be exact. Lastly, if you are interested in booking a premium escort overnight, it is going to be extremely steep (around $4000 per night).

What are the Most Reliable and Best Escort Sites in Virginia Beach

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When we’re talking about the most reliable sites for Virginia Beach escorts in the city, the ones that come to mind are ListCrawler and SkipTheGames. We find that these sites are reliable and up-to-date when it comes to pricing.

What we also like about them is they’re some of the more “budget-friendly” sites out there if you’re looking to save a few bucks, because we understand that times are hard.

However, if you’re in a beautiful beach city, surely some of you would want to splurge a bit. After all, it’s not every day you get to hang out and have some naughty fun with sexy Virginia Beach escorts, right? For that, Secret Fantasy and Temptations are some of the agencies you should look out for.

Safety Tips for Hiring an Escort in Virginia Beach

Once you’ve decided you DO want to meet with Virginia Beach escorts, the next question that comes to mind is, “What should I do?” or perhaps, “How can I be safe?” Fret not, friend, we have this covered. If this is your first rodeo, we understand that many things are running in your mind right now. We have some quick though important advice you should hear before meeting your special friend.

Firstly, don’t give out your sensitive information. That includes your bank account and personal address among other things.

Next, use protection. In this day and age, you cannot afford to be careless. You should be responsible for your sexual health.

Lastly, respect Virginia Beach escorts and understand that they are professionals. Regardless if it’s sex work, it is WORK for them. Don’t do anything that would interfere with them doing the services you paid for. That also means anything you do under the sheets must be consensual for both parties.

What Kind of Escorts are Listed on Virginia Beach Escort Sites?

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There are many types of escorts you can find in Virginia Beach. But if we’re talking about variety, let’s not limit it to just their racial background or sexual preference. Different escorts also specialize in niche services.

You can meet escorts in Virginia Beach who may offer BDSM services if you’re into that type of kink. Some escorts, meanwhile, offer day or nighttime services, and they can even travel if you request them to.

You’ll also meet escorts who specialize in the girlfriend experience, meaning if you like being treated as if you’re in a relationship more than sex, that can be arranged easily.

If you like group sex, we’re sure you can find escorts in Virginia Beach who can also do that for you, some even specialize in sensual massages too. Whatever your interests are, you can sift through the posts you’ll find online and find one that fits your needs (and budget).

Escort Sites Virginia Beach, Virginia

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These escort sites have DatingInquirer’s 100% seal of approval. That means we’ve tested and thoroughly reviewed each site to give you our honest take. Of course, we don’t want you to just mindlessly click away and we want to be as honest as possible to help you decide better.

Tryst.Link Virginia Beach

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One place to find sheer pleasure is Tryst.Link. If you’re horny and want sex fast, just visit the site and you’ll find hundreds of eager escorts in Virginia Beach who look forward to being at your disposal. Just be careful and read each post carefully so that you understand well what they offer and if they fit your needs.

The Erotic Review Virginia Beach

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Do you want authentic and no-frills reviews coming from real people? Then perhaps The Erotic Review is the one to satisfy your needs. You can read actual reviews from people, so if escorts suck and blow (and not in a good way,) you can stay away from them and look elsewhere.

Skip the Games Virginia Beach

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For people who want to cut to the chase and get sex, stat, Skip The Games is surely right up their alley. How so? The name speaks for itself. The tools and UI of this site make it easy for anyone to do quick searches of escorts they like. They can even find particular categories of escorts they prefer.

Adult Search Virginia Beach

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Since Adult Search is devoted purely to x-rated content, one click on the site and you’re sure to find escorts of your preference. You can quickly browse from an endless list of female and male escorts in Virginia Beach, which you can easily filter depending on your location or your exact preference.

If you’re looking for trans escorts or mature escorts, you’re sure to find a couple with competitive rates and unique services to boot.

Eros Virginia Beach

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Do us a favor and visit Eros now. It has everything you would want and need as it’s full of tools and settings to refine your search. Besides, with thousands of profiles to browse from, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

P411 Virginia Beach

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Secure, discreet, verified—what else can you ask for? If you don’t want to be traced or you’re trying to do your best to be on the down low, P411 is the perfect site to find escorts while you go off the radar.

Erotic Monkey Virginia Beach

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This site is not monkeying around contrary to what its name might lead you to believe. If you’re dead serious about finding Virginia Beach escorts, Erotic Monkey is the real deal!