12 Best Indianapolis Hookup Spots to Meet Girls

You may only know of Indianapolis as the world’s racing capital. But you might be surprised to find out that Indianapolis hookups are a thing that the city is also best known for! Not convinced? What if we told you that we have 12 of the best Indianapolis spots for casual sex?

Being the #1 reviewer for online dating and adult entertainment, we have compiled some of the best places for you to visit to increase your chances of a one-night stand! If that’s not exactly your vibe, check out 3 of the best apps below for local hookups and to make your casual fucking experience all the better. Continue reading to find out more!

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Our Favorite Indianapolis Hookups Spots

view of indinapolis city during the day

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hookup spots in Indianapolis, each serving a specific purpose: to introduce you to the city’s booming hookup culture, thanks to its bars and clubs. Beyond just drinks and dancing, you’ll definitely experience the warm welcoming vibes from Indy locals.

Alley Cat Lounge – The purrfect place to meet people

Alley Cat Lounge is a long-standing dive bar known for its tasty bar food and themed parties. Each night offers something different, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Many girls come here not only to enjoy a great night out but also to meet attractive guys for potential hookups.

The Working Man’s Friend Tavern – An ideal place for both locals and tourists

This century-old establishment has become a Southwest Indy treasure thanks to the kind staff and their killer burgers. It’s one of the bars you shouldn’t miss out on, as you’ll find tons of locals here. When it comes to meeting girls for hookups, this place should be on your radar.

Gatsby’s Pub & Grill – Delectable meals and outstanding drinks

Not only is this place serving tasty eats such as sandwiches, pizzas, and wraps, but this is also the best place to mingle with girls over a pint of beer. Hands down, this bar is above the rest when it comes to quality service and food. If you’re staying in Indy, you shouldn’t miss out on this spot.

Crackers Comedy – Bringing laughter to Indy for over four decades

Providing laughter at a reasonable cost is the main mission and tagline of Crackers Comedy. This is the best place to have a laugh over some drinks and just have a good time. You know what they say, girls love men who have a good sense of humor, and you might just find them hanging around this venue.

Best Indianapolis Pick-Up Bars for Hookups

a woman from indianapolis sipping her cocktail drink in a  night bar

Pick-up bars are the best for finding girls who are on the prowl for hot and steamy hookups. We’ve got the best spots for you to find a hot lady for a thrilling night out. Just a heads-up, though: you’ll need to have the guts to approach someone or strike up a conversation. These girls typically won’t make the first move—unless you’re insanely attractive or have mega sex appeal.

Bier Brewery – Indianapolis’ best-tasting craft beer and watering hole

Since 2010, Bier Brewery’s taps have been pouring non-stop for thirsty Indys and tourists alike. Their mantra is “quality, quality, quality”, which is why it’s one of the top bars in the city to visit and just to have a great time.

If you’re into hookups, you’ll probably find girls who are into casual dating and ready to meet and flirt with guys they come across.

Howl at the Moon (Indianapolis) – Showcasing true Hoosier party spirit

Howl at the Moon is an exciting venue that showcases quality live entertainment in true Hoosier fashion. It’s not unusual to meet the best musical acts from Indiana here. Apart from that, you’re sure to hear dance anthems and party hits playing all night long!

It’s no shock if you find a lot of women here – they’re likely drawn to the singer or drummer they’ve had their eye on since they walked into the venue. Get in there and shoot your shot!

Hotel Tango Distillery – Local Indie Pub with a Great Story

Hotel Tango Distillery arguably has the greatest story of all the bars on earth. For starters, it was founded by a war veteran who after his service, settled down and focused on pursuing his passion for serving quality liquor to the masses.

The distillery is currently housed in a revitalized livery and has a wide variety of weekly events, such as trivia nights, drag brunches, comedy shows, and art classes. What we’re saying is it’s impossible not to meet like-minded chicks here who are down for a good time.

The Vogue – Indie local bar that’s never out of fashion

The Vogue is probably best known as one of Indianapolis’ finest music venues. It attracts people from all walks of life who are united in their passion for good music. Apart from high-quality entertainment, their dinner cocktails, craft beer, and wine are some of the most notable highlights in this place.

It’s a conducive spot for casual and sex dating, so if you’re ready to score a hookup, you’ll most likely find someone to cozy up next to here.

Best Indianapolis Nightclubs for Hookups

a man and woman from indianapolis dating in a nightclub

We’ve saved the best Indy nightclubs for last – the ones that are really hot. These places offer sensual and exciting experiences you won’t want to miss if you’re in town for a weekend. They’re welcoming to tourists, and their unique vibe is sure to win you over.

Hi-Fi – Live music featuring pure Indy talent

Here’s another music-oriented venue that’s probably gonna put a smile on music lovers’ faces. Hi-Fi doesn’t just serve high-quality entertainment, but high-quality service and food that will surely keep you coming back for more. The spot knows its market well, which is why they’ve concocted the best spirits.

When you’ve got a hankering for some sick tunes, you better bring your date here!

16-Bit Bar + Arcade – A great place for retro gaming enthusiasts

For a bit of that nostalgic appeal, there’s 16-bit Bar + Arcade. Retro gaming geeks will love its interiors and the well-preserved arcade games curated by the bar’s owner. Any vintage gaming enthusiast will appreciate the love and detail that were poured into building this space.

And if you have the hots for gamer chicks, we won’t be surprised if you’ll spot a few here or there. Beat them in a game and they might beat you in bed as revenge.

White Rabbit Cabaret – Where performances come alive

This magical furry creature holds quality live entertainment in the form of cabaret shows, burlesque, stand-up comedy, and improv. It’s not your typical bar, but you’ll surely have a great time watching the world-class talent.

Apart from the entertainment, it doesn’t hurt that there might be gorgeous chicks waiting for you to pick up after the show.

Red Key Tavern – A city staple that’s been around for ages

Established in the 1930s, this legendary spot has probably witnessed casual dating pick-ups thousands of times. It hasn’t lost its charm and has earned a special place in Indy locals’ hearts. Best believe that you can score a chick who might also be looking for their next hookup.

Best Indy Places for Hookups During the Day

indianapolis couples torridly kissing during the day in a lake

If you’ve exhausted all fuck sites and you’re not satisfied with what they’re currently offering, you just need to be open-minded. There are plenty of great places to meet single women in the city, and sometimes the best time for hookups is actually during the day. Certain places and times of the day are quiet and perfect for casual sex.

Here are some spots you should check out if you have the time during your day:

  • Gym shower stalls
  • Empty grocery store bathrooms
  • Secluded areas of parks
  • Bathrooms of coffee shops
  • Abandoned alleyways
  • Music festivals
  • Book stores

We’ll let you in a little secret, there are a couple of key favorite spots around the city that are great for Indianapolis hookups. Let’s take a look at each:

First, we have Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park. This public park is a hundred acres in size and is quite secluded. There are about 40 acres of woodlands and 5 miles of trails that wind through woodlands, meadows, and along the lake. That simply means there are plenty of small and private spaces where you and your hookup partner can have some steamy fun.

Another daytime hookup spot you should check is Holliday Park. Similar to the previous park we just mentioned, this 94-acre public park is known for its quiet and secluded atmosphere, making it a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with your fuck buddy.

It has a wide variety of secluded areas where you can enjoy and engage in a hookup with beautiful women. It also has limited crowds compared to other parks in Indianapolis, as it’s not well-known compared to Eagle Creek and White River State Park.

Alternative Indianapolis Hookup Places

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Chances are, in a group of ten, there’s at least one person who’s not into live music or dive bars. If that sounds like you, you might prefer checking out sex apps. These can offer a good time without the need to step out of your comfort zone.

You’ll be surprised that some of the best places to find Indianapolis hookups are those that aren’t set up or well-known for hookups. These places are often mundane and ordinary and probably would be the last site you’ll consider to get laid.

In reality, the following places are the best spots because they’re quite unsuspecting and you’ll never know who you’ll meet in this one-off type of place. Some of our favorite alternative hookup places include:

  • KTV or karaoke bars
  • Expos
  • Hobby conventions like ComiCon
  • Art galleries and exhibits
  • Theaters
  • Public libraries (the best place would be the deserted restrooms or even the huge sections that are virtually empty)
  • Interest organizations or clubs (such as those involving the outdoors; you can also find hobbyists and most likely the men and women there are game for a hot hookup too, especially if you’re their type.)
  • Board game cafes
  • Museums
  • Abandoned warehouses

Indianapolis Hookups Near You

To better help you find a hookup site, you probably should check out the forums where most locals frequent and share their best-kept secrets and rare finds in the community. Open your phone’s map and you’ll immediately see some establishments you can check out for hookups. These may come in the form of bars, clubs, and other adjacent establishments.

Our map below is perfect and easy to use to find spots for hookups. Your phone’s location services can easily show you nearby spots where you can relax and let the locals know you’re open to meeting up. Plus, a bit of passionate loving never hurts anyone, right?

How to Approach Indianapolis Girls?

a fit girl from indianapolis is laying on the bed wearing her red bikini

Indianapolis women may be hard to figure out for some guys, but the truth is, the girls here are fun, smart, and good-looking. There’s no exact science behind it when it comes to approaching these beautiful women for hookups.

However, here are a few tips that can help boost your confidence when encountering these lovely ladies:

Confidence is sexy – We’ll keep on saying this time and time again, women want a guy who is sure of himself and is comfortable in his skin. Sure, it sounds cliche, but it holds true up until today. They like it when the man is in charge and can stand confidently on his own.

Respect is always important – If you want to get laid, you have to acknowledge first that the girls you are meeting aren’t just trophies you collect, nor are they mere objects to quench your thirst for lust. Don’t be too pushy or aggressive, nor should you resent them if they reject your advances.

Humor works well when perfectly executed – For as long as you know the thin line between offensive and funny, you’re sure to win the hearts of the girls you are chatting with. Make sure that your jokes are not tasteless or sexist if you don’t want them to ditch you.

Find a common ground so you can relate with her – Sex shouldn’t be the only thing you’re both interested in. As earlier mentioned, these girls are human beings and are not just confined by their libido. You can ask what their other interests are. You’ll be amazed that there’s probably a book or movie that you both love.

Proper hygiene is a must – Nothing can get more basic than this. Since you’re planning to have some fun, part of your preparation is to make sure that you don’t smell and that you’re clean. After all, you’ll be naked in front of these girls, and the last thing they would like to remember you for is being smelly or gross.

What’s the Hookup Culture Like in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis hookup culture is generally considered to be thriving. This is all thanks to the city’s diverse population and the huge number of young singles living in Indianapolis. People here get the idea of “casual,” which means they don’t look for anything too serious in their online encounters and just want to enjoy their time with their hookups.

It’s safe to say online dating is super popular in the city. Bumble and Tinder are the usual apps of choice for singles here. Each hookup site contains thousands of profiles who are into dating and aren’t looking for anything serious either.

While you can have fun nights here thanks to Indianapolis’ bustling nightlife, there are moments here where you can explore the city and enjoy some hookups in broad daylight. All you need to do is ask a local to get some tips on where you can find them.

Is Indianapolis a Good City to Visit and Get Laid?

More than what you would get from affair apps, Indianapolis is a great place to visit thanks to the venues and hotspots you can visit. Although some people claim that Indianapolis isn’t hookup-friendly, there are a ton of opportunities for you to meet girls for some casual fun.

Some of the best hookup bars in Indiana are right in the center of the city. Visiting each of the bars here is worth your money as they offer great company, good beer, and most especially many opportunities to get laid.

Even if you don’t get laid right away, the girls you’ll meet here are very nice, warm, and hospitable.
Even if they’re not initially into hooking up, you might still make some friends. So, it’s not a total loss – better than going home with nothing, right?

Our Best Recommendation to Get Laid Tonight?

Having casual fun in this city is very easy. Every spot we’ve mentioned in this article can be considered one of the best places to find Indianapolis hookups. These places are certified tourist-friendly and are a sure way to get you laid in no time.

Just remember to breathe and relax when approaching girls. They won’t bite, trust us. You can deliver your best one-liner to pique their interest and get the conversation going.

You could also check out the apps we talked about earlier. They’re great for quick connections with horny chicks, so it’s smart to have them on your phone. That way, you’re all set to meet up, match, and most likely have casual sex.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get laid right away as there are many great opportunities for you to hook up. When the right opportunity comes and the stars align, you’ll surely have some hot, hot fun in Indianapolis.