Top 12+ Escort Sites in Memphis [2024 Updated]

Memphis escorts make more bank than you probably do, and it’s for good reason. They just make us feel so relaxed and valued that they’re worth spending hundreds of dollars on.

We got the 12 best Memphis escort sites to help you enter the world of escorts. If you want the safest and fastest results possible though, check out these three sites below.

Ashley Madison

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Well Hello

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Average Price Range on a Memphis Escort Site

Memphis escorts like to charge about $100-$500 per hour, depending on the services and types of escorts you want. GFE and massage escorts usually cost a lot less than girls you want to have sex with.

Independent Memphis escorts also cost less than escorts from escort agencies. They won’t be regulated as much as agency escorts, but there’s also a lesser risk of her being a human trafficking victim.

What are the Most Reliable and Best Escort Sites in Memphis

escort from memphis getting fucked hard by a man while they are on bed

The best Memphis escort sites are the ones that are transparent, easy to use, and will fight to the death for your privacy. The ones on our list all fit this criterion, meaning even the barely legal among us can use them. You can also trust that if the police ever come knocking on your door, it won’t be because you got your data leaked.

Safety Tips for Hiring an Escort in Memphis

Have your cash ready

Memphis escorts work harder when they know their payment is already available and you won’t just fuck and run. Keep the money in an envelope or somewhere the girls can easily see so they have some peace of mind while they’re with you. Plus if she’s an agency girl, there won’t be any muscle knocking on your door.

Use protection

Fucking strangers is just part of what Memphis escorts do, so you never really know if they’re clean or not unless they’ve got lab results. Always bring a condom just in case. Don’t worry if you somehow forget though, since most escorts usually bring some for their clients anyway.

Verify their identity

A quick video call or some ID pics and reading some reviews should be enough to know if your escort is real. Sometimes though, they could be real but won’t be what you’d expect. This man was robbed by fake escorts even though they seemed to have passed the video call test. Checking for reviews would have saved him.

What Kind of Escorts are Listed on Memphis Escort Sites?

two escorts from memphis wearing their bikini while they are on the beach

Memphis escorts are usually either independent or part of escort agencies. Independent escorts are usually cheaper than escort agencies, but they aren’t regulated as much. You’ve got a higher chance of coming home with gonorrhea from an independent escort compared to an agency escort.

These escorts offer all sorts of services like GFEs, sex, companionship, and can also give you a massage. You can even bring your escort to a local Memphis bar just to enjoy drinks and music with a partner.

Escort Sites Memphis, Tennessee

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Escort sites in Memphis help bring you into the world of high-quality paid sex, allowing you to be with the hottest women in Tennessee. Literally, all the photos you’ll see will leave you lightheaded from all that blood rushing to your dick.

Tryst.Link Memphis

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Tryst.Link has tons of new escort posts every day, giving you the hottest independent escorts in Memphis TN. These escorts can give you anything: a massage, deep talks, and whatever else you need.

The Erotic Review Memphis

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The review system in Escort Babylon can now be found on the Erotic Review’s Memphis site. You can browse through reviews to see if your escort gives a good massage or not. Young and old-age escorts regularly post their pictures too, so there’s always something new.

Skip the Games Memphis

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Skip the Games places photos of Memphis escorts first, details later. It’s a unique way of conducting your escort search since you first find the photos you like before seeing anything else about the escort.

Adult Search Memphis

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Adult Search helps you find the best massage parlors and strip clubs in Memphis TN. If you’re looking to explore the rest of Tennessee, why not hire an escort from this site to come with you? You can find reviews of these massage parlors and Memphis escorts too, so you know your money’s going to the right places.

Eros Memphis

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If you want high-quality Memphis escorts, then there’s no better place than Eros’ Memphis site. Their Memphis escorts can be the best girlfriends or massage therapists you’ll ever meet. You can even fly them to Memphis from anywhere in Tennessee.

P411 Memphis

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P411’s Memphis site lets you find that perfect escort to accompany you to the many music festivals in Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis escorts here are the friendliest we’ve ever met, plus they’re great massage therapists too. You won’t be going back to regular massage parlors after booking one of them.

Erotic Monkey Memphis

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Erotic Monkey gives escort reviews like on Escort Babylon. You can find that perfect escort to give you a Nuru massage or to go clubbing with you by reading what their clients have to say. The escorts here rock, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than getting a massage while relaxing music plays in the back.

Listcrawler Memphis

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There are thousands of posts of Memphis escorts on Listcrawler’s Memphis website. These escorts will massage you better than massage parlors can, plus there’s a 90% chance of a free happy ending! Whatever age or kink you want your escort to have, there’s a post waiting to be clicked by you.

Slixa Memphis

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Slixa has the most premium Memphis escorts around. Don’t believe us? Just search through the escort photos and you’ll find Memphis escorts that are literal pornstars willing to fuck you while rock music plays in the back.

TNABoard Memphis

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TNABoard is your one-stop shop for Memphis escorts. It’s a community forum, so you can search for tips, talk with other escort lovers, and even talk about random things like music recommendations. The website is free too, so you can talk all day long while finding the best Memphis escorts and massage parlors near you.

ECCIE Memphis

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ECCIE is an escort forum mixed with Escort Babylon, where you can find reviews on your favorite escort and the website where you found them. Escorts post here all the time, so get ready to sift through thousands of posts and photos to find that perfect escort. Don’t worry though, the site and its pictures are all free to use.