Top 12+ Escort Sites in Los Angeles [2024 Updated]

For some people, resorting to Los Angeles escorts may be daunting as the stigma about hiring escort services still haunt them. You know what? We’re here to change your mind.

After reading this article, we’ll guarantee that you’ll become more comfortable and know what site to safely use! But if you’re in a hurry for something quicker yet safer, check out the 3 sites we shared with you below because they’ll do you just fine too. Try them out and see for yourself!

Ashley Madison

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Well Hello

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Average Price Range on a Los Angeles Escort Site

Prices may vary depending on the escort agency site that you visit. But compared to Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles escorts more or less have a specific price range, if you’re planning to avail of escort services in this area.

The average price of an escort on a Los Angeles escort site is around $250 per hour. The cheaper escorts tend to be in the range of $100 to $200, while the more expensive escorts can cost up to $500 per hour. The average price for an entire night with an escort is about $1,000.

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What are the Most Reliable and Best Escort Sites in Los Angeles

There are many Los Angeles escort sites (best escort sites) and you may have to spend a long time to find the best one for you. Though this may be overwhelming for some, there must be some considerations to be made to ensure that only quality escort agencies come your way.

Before choosing the right escort services, you need to know what you are looking for. This will help you narrow down your search and find the best one faster. If you are looking for someone who can provide companionship or someone who can be your date, then you must check out their profile page and see if they offer those kinds of services. Also check their photos as this will help determine if they are real or not.

Also consider the location of the agency, as most agencies are located near hotels or airports where clients can easily access them. This means that they must have an office somewhere near these areas so that clients do not have trouble reaching them.

Safety Tips for Hiring an Escort in Los Angeles

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If you’re looking for Los Angeles escorts, there are a few things you should know before making your choice. Here are some pointers to weigh in when picking escort agencies.

  • Check escort reviews. These are going to tell you a lot about the person’s character, and whether or not they’re reliable.
  • Make sure they have professional photos that show them looking their best. Professional photos will show you more clearly what the client will expect when booking an appointment with an escort from Los Angeles.
  • Ensure that there is a contact number on their profile so that you can reach them easily if needed.
  • Always check if they have a website or blog where they regularly update information about themselves and their services. This is important as they may mention their escorting preferences.

What Kind of Escorts are Listed on Los Angeles Escort Sites?

There are several kinds of Los Angeles escorts, each having their unique appeal. There are high-profile escorts whom you can bring as a plus one or date during important events, like perhaps an important event in Hollywood. They usually are female escorts provided by the escort agency impeccably dressed and styled and reflect the LA lifestyle that some clients aspire to or want to be associated with.

Another escort agency may have a different approach and bring you a nice lady or gentleman to bring or show you around town. These male or female escorts can tag along with you as you explore Los Angeles, perhaps visit nearby theme parks or even the Griffith Observatory, or even nearby places like Venice Beach too.

Lastly, you can hire escorts exclusively for sex. Although transactions for these types of escort service in Los Angeles are done discreetly, you’re sure to find some sexy girls who are either strippers or entirely different individuals fitting your sexual fantasy.

Escort Sites Los Angeles, California

escort sites in los angeles california

We chose some of the most reliable sites with the highest escort reviews to ensure that you’re getting nothing but high-quality girls and men for all your escort needs. Don’t forget to check them out as we run down all the essentials that you need to know.

Tryst.Link Los Angeles

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Looking for a free escort website in Los Angeles with sweet girls’ pictures on regular posts? Perhaps this is the one for you.

The Erotic Review Los Angeles

the erotic review icon

This website features a diverse community of guys and girls looking for escorts. Just browse through every post and you’ll likely find what you need.

Skip the Games Los Angeles

skip the games icon

As advertised by the name itself, the app allows you to cut to the chase and bring you quality escorts of your liking.

Adult Search Los Angeles

adult search icon

Whether you’re looking for Asian, African-American, or Caucasian escorts, they are all plentiful here in Adult Search. Nothing beats the value for your money that you’ll get here.

Eros Los Angeles

eros icon

This is no Escort Babylon clone. Every post from escorts here on Eros shows that the discreet companions you’ll be getting here are of high quality.

P411 Los Angeles

p411 icon

When looking for an escort with a certain look or style, you’ll surely find the right niche here in P411. So browse through every post and check them out.

Erotic Monkey Los Angeles

erotic monkey icon

Want a night you’ll never forget? The escorts in Erotic Monkey offer only the creme de la creme, so it’s time you check this one out.

Listcrawler Los Angeles

listcrawler icon

If you want escorts with exciting and titillating sex life, perhaps this website is yours to check. You’ll be surprised by the list of women they have here.

Slixa Los Angeles

slixa icon

Sleek and chic, that’s the name of the game here on Slixa. The escorts from other websites don’t compare to the quality you’re getting here.

TNABoard Los Angeles

tnaboard icon

While not exclusively an escort website, there are great escort deals in Los Angeles you’ll likely find here. Give it a try and you might like what you find here.

ECCIE Los Angeles

eccie icon

Although the website doesn’t have escort listings here, you’ll be redirected to popular adult searches based on your location. Amazing, right?