Anonymous Tinder Guide (How & Why Browse Tinder Anonymously)

Now that you’ve given it much thought and want to use Tinder anonymously, you’ve come to the right place on figuring out how to get Tinder access without compromising much of your identity.

Whether it’s to catch a cheating partner or you just like to browse anonymously, we have everything you need to join Tinder without compromising your data and profile. But if you want to do away with all this trouble, you can also check out these 3 sites below that will warrant you a higher chance of getting laid while getting fewer matches from a fake profile. Check them out later, but first, continue scrolling below for more info!

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Why Browse Tinder Anonymously?

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There’s a reason why there are over 75 million Tinder users worldwide. A dating app such as Tinder allows users to explore and find potential matches without actually being in a physical place, such as a restaurant, cafe, or movie house.

Let’s learn more about the benefits this online dating app offers you as we drill down the following reasons.

To Be a Cheater

The advent of online dating has opened doors for more people to look both ways and cheat with their partners.

Apps like tinder give them easy access and the convenience of meeting someone new right under their cheating partner’s nose.

The trend is a bit alarming, but not entirely surprising. After all, it makes sense. It’s easy to be someone else in an online profile—you can just write down whatever you want, and who’s going to check anyway? But in real life, it doesn’t work that way. If you’re going to cheat on your partner, you’ve got to be prepared for the consequences—and chances are good that if you’re smart enough to get away with cheating once, there will be another time when your partner catches on to what’s going on.

To Catch a Cheater

If you’re on a dating app like Omegle, chances are you’ve had the misfortune of being matched with someone who is already in a relationship. It’s just some of the unfortunate downsides of online dating. But instead of getting upset, take a deep breath and think about what you can do with this information.

For one, you can use it as a way to leave your philandering partner for good. All you need is an anonymous profile so that they don’t find out who you are (and don’t worry, we’ll show you how). And then all it takes is some screenshotting!

Stalking Someone You Like

If you’re interested in someone, but can’t seem to find the courage to reach out, there’s a nifty trick you can use to get a leg up on them—or at least find out more about them without them knowing.

All you have to do is log onto Tinder and search on Tinder profiles for their name. If they’re on there, then it’s simple enough to review their profile and see what they’re into! You’ll know if they like sushi, if they prefer pizza, or most importantly if they have naked snapchats. You’ll learn if they love cats or dogs, or if they’re into hiking or swimming.

And then when you finally make that move and contact them? Well…you’ll already know it’s safe territory!

Browsing the Competition

Do you want to bump up your odds of getting a date?

Well, it’s not just about being the best-looking or having the nicest profile. It’s also about knowing what you’re competing against.

We don’t mean that in a mean way—we just know that some people might have certain advantages over others. And if you know what those advantages are, you can use them to your advantage and make sure that your chances are even better than they would be otherwise.

Work Environment Doesn’t Allow It

Not everyone is given the opportunity to date freely. A huge factor sometimes may involve the line of work that they are in. So dating apps like Tinder or backpage alternatives give these people a chance to mingle and meet new people with discretion. Come to think of it, it’s a huge win for the discreet dating scene.

Now imagine you’re in the dating scene and you happen to be a professional athlete or celebrity, or even just another regular Joe who doesn’t want their personal life being splashed all over social media for everyone to see. You can appreciate what Tinder has done for you, right? You’re still able to meet someone new and get to know them on a deeper level without having your name plastered all over Twitter or Facebook.

Dating App Embarrassment

Online dating is rough. You’re putting yourself out there, and it can be tough to find someone interested in you. But sometimes, you meet someone interested—and then they turn out to be a total creep. Or worse, they have a picture of your boss on their profile.

So what do you do? If you’re like most people, you just try again. You hit up another site, hoping for better luck this time around.

But there’s another option: being anonymous. For people who have the great misfortune of experiencing an unforgettably humiliating incident in terms of online dating, being anonymous can somewhat reward them a fresh start that they desire—for as long as they’re careful not to cross paths with a person from their (not-so) distant past. We all deserve a second chance, and doing it anonymously by creating a fake Tinder account is your most obvious route of choice.

Is it Possible to Anonymously Browse Tinder?

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Yes, it’s completely possible to use Tinder anonymously. All you need to do is to be creative in using Tinder anonymously and we have some clever ways of showing you how. Read the following to get a better idea of how to do it.

Create a Secret Tinder Account

Creating a secret Tinder account is easy!

  1. Go to and click “sign up”
  2. Select “I agree” on the Terms and Conditions page
  3. Select “Create Account” on the Sign-Up page
  4. Enter your email address, password, and birthday
  5. Download the app from your phone’s app store

Word of caution: MAKE sure that you don’t leave any trace of information, such as a detail on your fake profile, your username, location, and pictures so that other users cannot recognizer your Tinder profile right away.

Use Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is the premium version of Tinder. It allows users to view profiles anonymously, which means that they can view profiles without having to like or dislike them. This allows them to be more selective with whom they decide to match.

With Tinder Plus, users are also able to see who has already liked their profile. This gives them an advantage over other users because it allows them to know who’s interested in them and who isn’t.

Change Discovery Settings

Tinder has a feature called “Discovery Settings,” which allows you to set the amount of information that Tinder shows about you to other users. The default setting is “Everyone,” which means that all of your profile information will be visible to anyone who looks at your profile.

If you want to remain anonymous on Tinder, you can change this setting so that only people who are in your same age bracket and have similar interests as you can see your profile. This makes it more difficult for someone who is out of your league to find you on the app, because they won’t be able to see as much information about you.

Block Contacts

The block feature is a way for users to remain anonymous within the Tinder app. Like on some best escort sites, this is especially helpful for those who want to keep their identity private for safety reasons, or just because they don’t want their friends and family to see them on Tinder.

The block feature will help you avoid unwanted advances from other users on Tinder, as well as keep your personal information safe from stalkers and other unsavory characters.

Control Tinder Premium Settings

You can access Tinder Premium’s settings by clicking on the “three dots” in the top right corner of your screen, then selecting “Settings.” You’ll see an option for Tinder Premium there, which will take you directly to the settings.

Once there, you can turn off the ability for other users to see your location (if you want), as well as choose what types of people you’d like to see. You can choose from “Everyone,” “Men Only,” or “Women Only.”

If you’re looking for more anonymity than that, you’ll also be able to hide all of your profile information and photos from other users by turning on “Hide My Profile & Photos.”

Alternatives to Browsing Tinder Anonymously

Well Hello

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If you don’t want to resort to Tinder Gold just to use Tinder anonymously, or perhaps you don’t like the idea of creating a fake profile on your Tinder account, there are other online dating apps and sites that can be as good as an anonymous Tinder account.

The three dating apps we mentioned earlier are just as good as Tinder and are some of the best dating apps available today. You may also check the following alternatives so you won’t need to create a fake Tinder profile. These online dating apps can also help you stay anonymous without going through all the trouble as illustrated in the previous sections.

  • SnapFuck – Don’t be fooled. This is not Snapchat, but it’s way better. It’s a hookup app that lets you exchange photos while using the app anonymously. No need to swipe left because everything you need here if you’re feeling horny and want a quick fix.
  • SugarDaddyForMe – People who are looking for a sugar daddy/sugar baby setup will love what SugarDaddyForMe offers. You can meet someone who’s old and loaded to shower you with gifts while satisfying you in bed. We’d take it any time of the day than doing an extensive Tinder search if you ask us.
  • ECCIE – For people who don’t mind spending some moolah or just hate to open Tinder, ECCIE is an escort-oriented website that helps you get more matches from gorgeous-looking escorts who will do your bidding. Tempting, yes?
  • Loveaholics – So you’re through with matching with a fake Tinder profile and don’t want to use Tinder altogether. Loveaholics is the most obvious choice. What Tinder lacks, Loveaholics makes up for—And what is that, you may ask? You’ll meet like-minded people who want to get their quickie fix right away.

How To Delete Your Secret Tinder Account

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So you’ve accomplished your mission with your anonymous Tinder profile, and now that you don’t have any use for it, what’s left to do? Of course, you’ll have to delete it.

Here’s how to delete the app:

1. Open the application on your phone.

2. Tap on “Settings” in the upper-right corner.

3. Tap on “Account Settings” and then tap on “Remove Account.” This will bring up a list of options for deleting your account from the app, including deleting all data associated with your account (which is recommended).